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Black Cherry Soda is a hybrid strain named after its fruity,Buy Black Cherry Soda soda-like taste and unusually dark purple color. This strain has spawned other favorites like Black Dahlia and Ace of Spades, and despite its intensely indica appearance, its effects reach the mind and body in a balance more characteristic of sativa strains. Black Cherry Soda is a potent medicine that hits without heavy sedation, making it popular among patients treating severe symptoms throughout the day.

n 80/20 Sativa dominant hybrid, Black Cherry Soda is primarily considered a Sativa despite an Indica appearance. The strain was given its sweet name thanks to its aromatic and fruit flavored THC punch.

The Black Cherry Soda strain combines both flavorful terpenes and powerful medicinal cannabinoids with its distinctive purple flower. The cerebral high from the strain soothes both the mind and body, creating an inner balance, inspiring creativity and relaxation. Demonstrating characteristic that are more in line with many of today’s Hybrid highs.


Buy Black Cherry Soda cultivators will have luck cultivating the variety both inside and out. After eight weeks, the plants reach a height of around five to six feet and begin to blossom. With huge, chunky colas and a high leaf to bud ratio, this strain provides a good  Black Cherry Soda
Some grow notes on this strain’s purple hues: Cannabis flowers turn purple due to the presence of anthocyanins, pigment molecules in the plant’s cells that lurk just beneath the more well-known pigment chlorophyll.
In the same way that foliage changes color in colder autumn weather, the anthocyanins in cannabis buds become more stimulated.
Buds of Black Cherry Soda are immediately distinguished by their color, which can vary from green with distinct traces of light purple to a vivid, uniform dark purple without any hint of green. Buds also have noticeably fewer orange hairs. This hybrid’s Indica genetics are evident in its sticky, trichome-laden texture and its tightly packed flowers.
The dried buds should smell fruity with notes of berry and some earthiness. Flavor is key – this strain really does taste like a black cherry soda, with a surprisingly creamy aftertaste observed on second or third hits
It has a balanced mind-body effect and is a powerful treatment that works without sedation.


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