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Halo OG was lab tested at a whopping 30% total THC, .6% CBD, and .3% CBN. can be linked to the potent night-time mixture of Tahoe OGand Larry OG.With a THC percentage so high (keep in mind the average max THC used to be ~20%)

The genetics of Halo OG can be linked to the potent night-time mixture of Tahoe OGand Larry OG. Yes, this batch was really lab tested by SC Labratories at an insane (mind-blowing really) 30% total THC, .6% CBD, and .3% CBN. With a THC percentage so high (keep in mind the average max THC used to be ~20%), patients can expect a huge increase in appetite. Literally minutes after puffing Halo OG our stomachs began to growl. Great for people suffering from stomach issues or eating problems.


buy Halo OG nugs are typical of OG flowers, meaning they’re medium sized and rounded off during the flowering period. They often present themselves as a hue somewhere between forest green and violet purple. They are covered in white trichomes and a few burnt orange hairs. The bud smells quite similar to lemon-scented Pine-sol mixed with the classic diesel and kush scents of the OG family. The plants themselves are coveted because they grow quite large, and are known to double in size during the flowering.

Experienced growers who trim the excess leaves on their plants can see incredibly large yields, which is one of the reasons the original Halo OG plant was chosen for cultivation. This doesn’t mean it’s hard to grow, in fact, Dark Heart Nursery suggests this plant for beginners to hades og.

The high from Halo OG is not only potent, but also delightful enough that it has a small following of customers who buy it when their dispensaries run out. It is said to provide not only pain relief but also relaxation.

buy Halo OG is the pick-me-up that most people need after a long day of work.

Halo OG should be eaten in the evenings, as going out when you’re this high can be risky. Hades OG is an excellent choice for anyone suffering from chronic pain, stress, insomnia, or headaches.

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