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Jack the Ripper eases you into a powerful stone not overwhelmed by excessive head heaviness. relatively short 70% sativa-dominant strain that usually tests over 20% THC. The effect is intense, visually stimulating.


Buy Jack The Ripper. This is an excellent all-around drug. The cerebral effects are stimulating rather than soporific, making it excellent for daytime use. Most chronic aches and pains, as well as muscle spasms, can be relieved with this Buy Jack The Ripper. Its calming effects on the brain can aid with stress, anxiety, and sadness. Patients with migraines, nausea, glaucoma, inflammation, and anorexia may benefit from this strain.

TGA Subcool Seeds created Jack the Ripper by crossing the rare Jack’s Cleaner with the well-known Space Queen strain. This breed can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors, although it will struggle in a Sea of Green. Due to stretching, it should be topped and put into the budding period as soon as possible for optimal results.

Although it requires a little trim work, this strain is appropriate for new growers. Buy Jack The Ripper will produce moderate yields, nearly always finishing flowering within eight weeks

This bud features a sweet lemon flavor. Its negative effects include the standard cotton mouth, dry eyes, and occasional dizziness.

Jack the Ripper is a short strain with very resinous, triangle-shaped buds with a powerful spicy, lemon-pine fragrance. It’s possible that the effect will be strong and visually stimulating.


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