Cosmic Cacao Peppermint


Allergens: Eggs

10mg THC per cookie/50mg per box Athletes need quality fuel to move well. Because good carbs are essential for optimal performance and endurance, we developed the Cosmic Cacao Peppermint Cookie as a powerhouse both on and off the playing field. The sweet potato flour base provides the energy support athletes are looking for to sustain movement for a powerful finish, while the raw cacao acts as an anti-inflammatory to help joints and muscles heal and recover quickly.





The Cosmic Glue   buds are dense, heavy, fluffy, and green like a tiny forest. The trichomes really stick out because of the visibly sticky, shiny resin, which along with the flavor makes Cosmic Glue a pretty desirable source of concentrates. Whatever the grower’s motives,   Cosmic Glue flowers in around 56 days,

well below average, and produces particularly strong plants that respond well to varied growth methods. Pinch the tops of the plants (also known as “apical trimming”) to encourage Cosmic Glue to establish a canopy as it blooms, according to experienced growers. For this reason, those who enjoy growing strains as an SCROG flock to Cosmic Glue .

On Cosmic Glue you’ll feel energized and cerebral at first, anchored in place (yogis call it “grounding”) and aware of your weight and your space on earth. You’ll then feel lifted, warm, and tingling as you begin to stone up and sink into your couch. You’ll be unfocused, hungry, and sleepy as you let out a spicy exhale of berries and herbs.

Chronic tension, weariness, discomfort, sadness, muscular spasms, nausea, and even anorexia affect users who make the best use of Cosmic Glue from a medicine

They can use Cosmic Glue to jumpstart their feelings of safety and embrace their hunger in a soothing environment







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